jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Misiles "MILAN" para los "rebeldes" sirios.

Que alguien se imagine al movimiento 15M con RPG rusos atacando las "lecheras" de la policía, o que el movimiento "Occupy Wall-street" tuviera franco-tiradores en los rascacielos y fueran disparando a todo lo que se mueve.
¿Qué harían las autoridades?

Esas armas eran de andar por casa, y cualquiera podría obtenerlas, pero estos misiles anti-tanque NO.

Free "Syrian" Army stronghold equipped with Milan missiles

The Battle of Homs was particularly deadly for the belligerents on both sides, as well as for civilians. During the first three days, the Syrian Arab Army was warded off by the rebels that blocked all entry points to their neighborhood. They destroyed all approaching armored vehicles using Milan missiles. Ultimately, the Syrian Arab Army had to resort to multiple rocket launchers to bombard the Milan firing posts, at the risk of causing heavy civilian casualties.

Each Milan shooting station, located on every street going into Bab Amr costs 100,000 euros, and each missile about 12,000 euros. The missiles were fired at a rate two to three rounds per minute. This equipment is manufactured by North Aviation (France) and MBB (Germany). It is supposed to have been given to the Free "Syrian" Army by the United Kingdom and Germany.

In April 2011, Doha officials acknowledged that Qatar had delivered Milan missiles to Libyan insurgents from Benghazi to help overthrow the Arab Jamahiriya, by way of the UN resolution that allowed the delivery of "defensive weapons " (sic) to the Libyan opposition.

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