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Hillary Clinton: la psicópata

Es eso un veni, vidi vicci romano? La emperatriz lo ha dicho!

Muammar Ghaddafi alive ?

Después de tantas mentiras, después del comentario de Clinton, después de tantas falsas capturas de hijos y familiares del Ghaddafi, después de lafamos falsa entrada en Tripoli, después de las falsas manifestaciones en contra de Ghaddafi en Tripoli, uno se pregunta si es verdad lo que se publica de su muerte.
Pero vivo o muerto, da igual, la causa sigue en pie( articulo de MATHABA)

Qaddafi Not Dead

Posted: 2011/10/21
From: Mathaba
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Mathaba Editorial on the "Death" of Muammar Qaddafi

People have been so worried as to whether the Leader of the World Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi of Libya, is dead or alive. Let us examine this question, and reach some definitive positions based upon the Third Universal Theory, which Muammar Qaddafi championed.

First, let us consider why it matters, or does not matter. To the terrorists attacking Africa's Libya, NATO, the mercenaries and the "Islamist" rats it matters, because that has been their key number one objective, from which all else follows. For them Qaddafi = Libya = Jamahiriya.

NATO, the American-European military alliance has dug itself into a corner from day one, because their first aim was to kill Qaddafi, and the reasons for them wanting to do so have been explained in countless other analysis articles here on Mathaba.Net.

From the start of the NATO bombing, which they thought would take 2 to 3 days to achieve its objective of killing Qaddafi, later revised to 2-3 weeks, then 2-3 months, and then "indefinitely", Mathaba stated that NATO would not be able to do so.

On the very day of their biggest ever failure, when they went in an all-out massive desperate bombing of Qaddafi's home which he still would not run away from, in order for the Rome meeting of Clinton to be able to declare a victory, it backfired when he went out to feed the animals, and instead his 3 grandchildren and youngest son died along with many others.

That damaging news was immediately squashed by the sudden release within a few hours, of the "death of Bin Laden", so as to deflect world media away from sympathy for Qaddafi and his family, and toward the power and might of the USA. Only problem is, on the web, people quickly figured out that this was not Bin Laden who was dumped at sea, let alone the problem that he had died many years earlier.

But that did not matter, because 99% of tell-lie-vision (TV) viewers believed it, just as they did when Obama's White House came up with his forged birth certificate, which later proved as evidenced by traces left in the history of the file uploaded to the White House web site, to be a fake because it had been edited, not only scanned.

Understand that the "international media" meaning this crowd, always get their way, because most people get their news and influence from there. They report a lie ad infinitum (such as the "Libya did Lockerbie" lie) but when the opposite is proven to be the case (witnesses admitted being paid $4million each and recanted their evidence), that "new" news is either not reported, or reported only in passing, on some small inner pages or paragraph.

Now we have the reasons and timing for Qaddafi's "death", before we address whether he is actually dead or not, and why he is dead and is not dead.

Reasons include that a recent internal NATO and CIA review of the war on Libya revealed it to be a mess and a pathetic failure. Not only had Qaddafi continued to survive, but he was getting more famous by the day, and with that, the danger of his ideas and example, being discovered. More on that in a while.

Further, the objectives, to control Libya, it's oil and water, and to separate it from the rest of Africa, also failed abysmally, even though they cut off all Libyan broadcasting stations, both TV and Internet, bybombing, denial of service attacks, hacking, and threats -- the green resistance continued especially in central Libya.

This, in spite of non-stop bombing, missile and terrorist attacks, and a total blockade and siege and then destruction of democratic Jamahiriya cities where the population were holding out, and where the "rebels" could not enter: mass starvation and total destruction ensued, bombing of hospitals, and over 60,000 dead.

Yet still those civilians in those towns, armed to defend themselves, did not give in to NATO bombs and terrorist rockets and assassinations. Then NATO in desperation started to use banned weapons, mini nukes, chemicals, and "poor man's" fuel bombs, resulting in further large-scale massacres, in the past week.

The world media was about to be unable to ignore this any further although they had been silent during months of atrocities and blockades, with photos now emerging in recent days, showing a townutterly destroyed with bodies littering the streets. An urgent distraction was again needed.

With in-fighting in recent weeks between the rebels, monarchists, kleptomaniacs, criminals, 'al-Qaida' and mercenary groups all initially united only in their hatred for Qaddafi now falling apart and in open confrontation with mass resignations from among their ranks and leadership, something needed to be done.

With NATO pilots and drone operators realising that there is indeed a very real danger of them having to face justice for war crimes andcrimes against humanity, and with pilot fatigue and dissatisfaction creeping in as after 8 months of non-stop aerial bombing the truth has become known to them that they are not there to protect civilians but instead to bomb them, something had to be done.

Hillary Clinton needed to visit Tripoli, to "rally the troops", and provide a brave face for the Europeans who were increasingly worried about being on the forefront of a war that they have started to realize they cannot win, and which will ultimately backfire, for many reasons already covered here on Mathaba.Net and elsewhere.

So, the big white lady descended on Libya for a few hours and spoke,calling for the capture or death of Muammar Qaddafi, knowing that as with Bin Laden, the videos and images were already prepared. Lo and behold, presto, a day later, "Qaddafi" was both captured and killed.

Yes, he is now dead, for the world media. And the incredibly and deliberately shaky videos, prove it, as do the doctored still images. No one, especially not Obama, needs to declare Qaddafi dead, for the rebel "TNC" so-called Transitional National Council (or what is left of it, less than a dozen people), said it is so, and Jazeera and Al-Arabiya as well as PRESS TV and Russia Today echoed the "news" as fact.

Problem is, he is also not dead. Not only because he was not captured and not killed, as reported elsewhere here from reliable sources, but because he already lives in the hearts of millions. And this now brings us to the next point, as to in which ways Qaddafi is dead or alive, and whether and how much it matters.

Qaddafi is alive. It matters, because NATO has thus not won the war, and not even won their first "easy" objective. It matters because some people need a leader and won't operate without that leader: the large numbers of volunteers converging on Libya from around Africa, are not all going there for reasons of defending Libya, Libyans, or even Africa, but because of their love, appreciation and solidarity for Qaddafi and wanting to help him as the "Brother Leader".

Yet, even though Qaddafi did not die and most people still have not woken up to the fact that we live in a digital world where all images, videos, and sound, can easily be forged -- not only by easily available commercial image and sound manipulation software, but by military grade programs and super-computers.

People have not woken up to the fact that the very "main stream" media they have come to rely on, as well as their political leaders, have less education, less common sense, and less experience, than one would expect, and thus are also easily misled.

But one day, Qaddafi will die, and in that sense is already dead, as the rest of us are too. However, he has lived to see his philosophy actually put into practice, something very few philosophers in the world have ever had the privilege of. Sadly, he has also lived to see it destroyed. But no quite.

What has been destroyed, is Libya, but not the Jamahiriya: not the values, ideals, and democratic, economic and social relationships that have proven to be so strong as to withstand the world's most powerful and brutal military forces for almost a year, and still hold out. And this has resulted in a great opportunity, as we shall see.

The entire world faces a cross-roads over the coming year, and we remember the New Year message from Mathaba on 28th January 2011 saying that this would be the most important year ever:

As we start 2011 this is going to be a most important year for future life on this planet. It is essential to STAY INFORMED, and SHARE what you know with others. Mathaba, as the world's leading independent news agency is playing an important part in giving people the tools for making the world a better place. 

That cross-roads, now has a chance of taking the right turn, because the very key solutions to those problems facing the world, were being ignored and Mathaba was a lone voice in the wilderness talking about the Third Universal Theory. Now however, thanks to the war on Libya and the attacks on Qaddafi, people the world over are asking what it is that is going on -- it is clear to all that it is not about protecting civilians, and has led to millions reading The Green Book.

Further, hardly anyone outside Libya knew anything about the Jamahiriya, about how all power, wealth and arms were in the hands of the people in Libya, or that Qaddafi had handed power to the people in 1979 two years after the creation of the Jamahiriya, and the introduction of direct, participatory democracy.

This, and the amazing economic benefits that resulted from it, are the reason that even during NATO bombing he could go around Tripoli in an open air car and no one would shoot at him, without any real security, as shown in this video shot during April this year, one month into the bombing of his home.

Other truths started to surface, and resulted in millions of people world wide posting videos, articles, and comments on social media. Truths such as these.

Now, what is to be done, and what is Muammar to do? Actually, he has been trying to tell everyone who has been listening these past many months, a few key points and yet from what we see, it is not getting through to everyone, even those who are his fans around the world, and which we summarize here below:

I am not the Libyan resistance, the Libyan resistance is the people. They will continue to fight, until NATO and all others against them, leave Libya. They will lay down their lives to defend their freedom, as will many of my own family. I live in their hearts, and in the hearts of millions.

* I am not the government of Libya, I do not hold any official government positions. I am a revolutionary. I am outside of power. Power rests with the Libyan people.

* I have spoken all my words, so many times, until I grew tired. "It is all there in the pages of The Green Book. Please read it and you will understand."

* I have completed my work, I gave power, wealth and arms to the people, who possess it. I am just one man among millions in Libya.

* I brought to light the Third Universal Theory. It is as if mankind had become locked in a cave without sunlight, and forgotten what sun light looked like. I found the rusty keys on the floor, and put them in the lock. Thus all that is needed is to turn the key to come out into the sunlight again.

The Green Book is a collection of truths, showing the way for solving the problems of power via democracy, wealth via socialism, and the social basis of the Third Universal Theory. As the farmer, I did not create the fruits, but picked them from the tree and placed them into a basket, The Green Book.

The above are an English language para-phrasing of some of the things he has said. During the current conflict he also gave clear advice:

* I will never give up on Libya, I will fight to the end, I will not run nor leave my home land.

* NATO will have to leave, they can never occupy Libya, they will never live in peace stealing our wealth.

* The (rebels) will not last one day without NATO, so they should make peace now while they have a chance.

* Do not trust the media, they will say I have said this or that, that I have died, or that I am here or there. They lie, and are easily manipulated, so do not trust them.

* No orders are needed, come out into the streets, clean the country from the rats until the green flag of freedom is flying everywhere again.

So, why does anyone need to hear from him yet again? What difference does it make if he is alive in freedom, or dies in freedom? Either way, is victory. Either way, is a motivation to those who love him. If he is alive, they are motivated, if he is martyred they are motivated.

Why are people avoiding getting on with the real work to hand, which is to, among other things:

* Study The Green Book and put it into practice, forming green charter committees everywhere and calling for people's conferences.
* Organize and mobilize, hold rallies with green flags, videos, posters, t-shirts, or even travel to Africa to defend the Jamahiriya.
* Get out there and spread the truth, call others, wake them up, show them the evidence, recruit more members to the movement.
* Report your actions, submit rally, meeting, protest, or other reports and statements via
* Network with others, using open source tools such as

The Green Charter Movement will soon be launching a wiki in addition on its web site, which will explain many of the concepts, definitions, and structures of the movement.

Remember, even though the Leader is at the time of this writing still very much alive in more ways than one, he does not need to speak: all has already been spoken and written, it is now up to us all to hear those calls and put them into practice, and then in future if the time is right and we have finally done something along the way of building a Universal Jamahiriya, he may choose to address us again. For now, let the enemies of freedom remain confused and fearful, while we move forward united and strong, and continue the green march to people's power as a solution to the problems of corruption, exploitation, oppression, war, need and greed.

Some of the following tasks are still very much outstanding, and all should now become involved in the work:

* Registering sufficient numbers of people so that people's conferences can be formed in various areas. The IPCO will contact everyone when the time is right and there is something to report, a publication called "World Conference" is planned.

* Adopting the Green Charter for the interim, and so that the green charter movement will grow world wide and show the way forward to people's power (Jamahiriya) everywhere.

* Making sure that all those who have committed crimes are held to account, see -- and assisting with the creation of a world crimes data base at as well as the entering of data into it and the organization of World People's Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity to be held in 8 locations around the world, by March 2012.

* Collecting funds for all the above, to assist with expenses, publicity, donate via the website as well

* Forming International Solidarity Committees around the world to coordinate an effective mass migration toward whatever location is decided time and place, to put and end to the war and rebuild the Jamahiriya, or otherwise to create a new Jamahiriya, with this formation to be coordinated by IPCO.

* Join the mailing lists and any other means of staying informed, such as and

* Costing and Production of T-shirts, Posters, green flags, green books (Green Charter International has ISBN and copy right and printers, funds are needed to print)

* Building of alternative and independent communication networks, which will continue to function without electrical grid, Internet, or phones is to be launched as a central point linking the various official sites and tools for the interim
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