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La gran mentira

Una cronología explicada de los hechos previos y las circunstancias que rodean la guerra de Libia.
Ahora nos están vendiendo que "muerto el perro se acabó la rabia" y por eso sólo se habla de "el dictador libio" del "sátrapa libio" del criminal, de sus "42 años de dictadura" etc.

Esa maniobra típica de manipular a la opinión pública, y centrar todo el conflicto en una sola persona, permite moldear el pensamiento evitando que la gente libre ejerza su espíritu crítico.
Libia, con os sin Ghaddafi, seguirá luchando por una causa justa, igual que todos los pueblos oprimidos por el imperialismo galopante e implacable.

AVISO: este texto contiene imágenes violentas.

Con esas imágenes nos han vendido la gran mentira que ha supuesto este genocidio y esta violación flagrante de todo el derecho internacional y de la carta de las NNUU así como de sus cínicas resoluciones 1970 y 1973.

Hidden behind propaganda a giant crime against Libya is fact

Von Noch ein Parteibuch | 14.April 2011
What is done to Libya is a giant crime containing: waging a war of aggression to rob out a nation, a campaign of horrific murders and psychological warfare to deceive the Libyan people and the people of the world. Let’s have a closer look what did the propaganda tell the world and what really happened in Libya. Here is a timeline containing some relevant events in relation to the war against Libya, showing that the actions against Libya are based on nothing else than lies.
2002: The U.S. State Department launched the „MEPI“ program that was ostentatiously designed to support „reform efforts“ in the arab world. It supported a wide range of government opponents there for transition to freedom, democracy an human rights the way the U.S. liked to have it. It’s aim was to build up more and more US-led impact on opposition against US-sponsored regimes over the the years, so that when a country was ready, the U.S. could replace a U.S. sponsored dictatorship with a new U.S. sponsored regime. Libya was one of the programs targets.
2003: The U.S. military designated Libya along with other countries as targets for regime change by military means. In the same years the U.S. collected a coalition of the willing and launched a war of aggresion against Iraq which was based on obvious an broad propaganda lies of Iraq possesing weapons of mass destruction. Seeing the destruction and the threat against Libya, Libya abandoned all millitary programs to gain effective weapons of deterrence, paid the U.S. compensation for crimes Libya never commited, allowed western companies to exploit a part of Libya’s oil wealth and collaborated with U.S. attempts to crush islamic resistance against U.S. imperialism worldwide. These openings helped the U.S. to get foot into Libya to manifacture regime change.
2003 – : Though the US-led wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were a desaster for the U.S., the change program for the arab world was pursuid. Leaked U.S. state department records have shown, that the U.S. governmentsecretely supported government opponents in the arab world to help them change their governments with the support of the US-government. In Libya the U.S. used their limited presence to get close contacts to Libyan officials from regions dominated by tribes traditionally opposed to the government in Tripoli like justice minster Mustafa Mohammad Abduljalil, who pledged opposition to talks and preferrend action against the Libyan government.
May 2005: According to Wikipedia the Organizing Committee for the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition (NCLO) held a series of weekly meetings to discuss and develop an agenda for a conference „to put together practical approaches for following up on many efforts made by various Libyan political groups and individuals in their challenge of the Libyan dictatorship“ of Muammar al-Gaddafi. Until recently Wikipedia knew that the NCLO consists of the „Libyan Constitutional Union“, a London based revanchist organisation led by Muhammad as-Senussi, a pretender to the British sponsored Libyan monarchy, the so called „Libyan League for Human Rights“ based in Geneva, the so-called Libyan Tmazight (Berber) Congress residing in a postbox in England, and the NFSL, which is notoriously known for being sponsored by the CIA. The NCLO uses the flag of the Libyan monarchy overthrown by the Fatah revolution led by Muamar Gaddafi as the flag of their organisation as the so called „rebels“ do now.
February 15th, 2008: US Embassy in Tripoli reported to Washington, that claims by senior Libyan government officials that the islamic extremistic east of Libya is under control may be overstated. The most zealous imams tend to preach in numerous small suburban and rural mosques, which oftenly don’t physically resemble traditional mosques elsewhere in the country, reflecting in part the pseudo-secret tradition of the Sanussi lodges and are thus hard to be identified and monitored by Libyan security forces. Sermons in eastern mosques, particularly the Friday ‘khutba’, are laced with „coded phrases“ urging worshippers to support jihad in Iraq and elsewhere through direct participation or financial contributions. The language is often ambiguous enough to be plausibly denied, he said, but for devout Muslims it is clear, incendiary and unambiguously supportive of jihad. Direct and indirect references to „martyrdom operations“ were not uncommon.
August 2010: U.S.-preparations for a broad U.S.-led regime change campaign in the arab worlld were in a final stage. US-president Barack Obama issues the „Presidential Study Directive 11″, asking US government agencies to prepare for regime changes in the arab world. U.S.-Israel lobbyist David Ignatius wrote in March 2011: This document cited „evidence of growing citizen discontent with the region’s regimes“ and warned that „the region is entering a critical period of transition.“
October 20, 2010: Former Gaddafi loyalist Nouri Massoud El-Mesmari, went into exile in France and persuaded the French secret services to use his contacts to plan a regime change operation in Libya.
November 2, 2010: France and UK pledged to unify their military and started the military exercise „Southern Mistral„, a wargame, which foresaw French and British warpans bombing a southern mediterranean country in March 2011 after getting a UN security council resolution allowing the attack.
December 17, 2010: After the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on 17 December in Tunisia protests are held against poverty and the currupt government and in favour of free elections and freedom of speech. To avoid the protests look like being driven by western propaganda, the media work for the protests almost completely over US-based social network sites like Twitter and Facebook. The Tunisian goverment reacted to the protestings with meaningless TV speeches and violence of the security forces to crush all protests. In the forefront for the media work for the Tunisian uprising were social media activists financed and trained by organisations of the US establishment like Freedom House and American Islamic Congress. Scott Carpenter, GW Bush’s point man of his MEPI regime change program,publicly confirmed that the U.S. had done a lot of stuff to prepare the uprising in Tunisia and that did it very quietly, almost covert.
January 2011: Con­tain­ers full of weapons, ammu­ni­tion and explo­sives and around 1000 Thuraya mobile phones were smuggled into Libya through the port of Misrata and distributed with the help of Al-Naseem icecream Factory owned by Raiedha fam­ily clan.
January 13, 2011: Rachid Ammar, Chief of Staff of the Tunisian military with good contacts to the U.S. millitary, declared that he sided with the uprising. As his troops proved to be loyal to the chief of stuff in this situation and the military had more men and fire power than the police and the Tunisian presidents security forces, with the defection of Rachid Ammar the US led regime change operation in Tunisia successfully ousted long term Tunisian president Ben Ali a day later. After Ben Ali was ousted the western media machine was put into full swing to instigate uprisings leading to regime change in other MEPI target countries as well.
January 25, 2011: Western mass media and the media network Al Jazeera based in the US client dictatorship Qatar successfully promoted a call for mass protests in Egypt against police violents and government corruption starting on January 25, 2011. The following day the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood kicked in and called it’s members and friends to support the uprising against the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Egypt security forces reacted with brutal violence against protesters, killing hundreds of them, and deliberate false flag violence of security forces in plain clothes against the population to justify the violence to crush the protests. Media work for the uprising was led by Al Jazeera. Western government officials up to US president Barack Obama openly and publicly supported the uprising, making no secret that they demanded president Hosni Mubarak to step down. While branches of the military like the Air Force were loyal to president Husni Mubarak military forces loyal to General Sami Hafez Enan, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, who was the week before the Egyptian uprising started in the U.S. for talks with senior officials, prevented the Egypt uprising to be crushed by security forces in it’s central meeting place, the Tahrir Square in Cairo. To prevent a war between different branches of the military, the Egyptian military council staged a coup on February 11, 2011, oustind president Hosni Mubarak and empowering itself.
February 15, 2011: Two days ahead of an announced uprising on Facebook, violent protests in Benghazi were seen in front of the state secuity building in support of the recently arrested lawyer Fethi Tarbel, who represents victims of the 1996 Abu Salim prison uprising mass killings case. The protests were dispersed by security forces without any loss of life, but leaving some 38 people injured. According to France 24 quoting Benghazi-based, privately-owned Quryna newspaper, which itself quoted Abdelkrim Gubaili, described director of a local hospital, most of the injured were security officials. France 24 cited in it’s also unnamed „witnesses“, of whom France 24 said, their reports are „hard to confirm“, who alleged, that „security officials were driving their cars into the crowd at high speeds.“ France 24 also embedded than a Youtube video of what it said: „Unconfirmed YouTube footage from Tuesday morning shows protesters gathering outside a Benghazi police station when panic sweeps the crowd and gunshots are heard.“ Though the video was unconfirmed, a gun shot sound track can be easily added to a video, and the allegation of security forces shooting into the crowd contradicted all infomation from named sources, the link to this video wasspread widely over social media, often called proof that „Gaddafis security forces“ fired into the crowd. Interestingly, this video allegedely proof for „Gaddafis crimes“ at the beginning of the uprising in Libya, was in the meantime – as Youtube informs – „removed by the user“. This video fake was one of the means to incite people to violence in Libya for the planned uprising.
February 17, 2011: Planned start day for the Libyan uprising. As the anonymous Facebook-page calling for a day of rage , ie violent protests, used the flag of the monarchy as it’s symbol it made it clear from tee beginning, that not bringing Libya to „prosperity“, as it claimed, but a counter revolution violently overthrowing the Libyan government was the goal. The NCLO takes credit for organizing the uprising. Qatari Al Jazeera, Saudi Al Arabia and western media stations reported on this Facebook page, thus informed many million people of the planned uprising. In various cities of Libya, some hundred to several thousand people have shown up for protests against the government. Others have shown up in government organzied ralleys showing support for the Libyan government. Fake news spread via Al Jazeera by anonymous callers on alleged government attrocities against anti government protesters heated up the mood of crowds as did the fake video of government forces firing into crowds from February 15th.
One of the most powerful false allegations against the government was the murderous rumour spread by Al Jazeera, Al Arabia, Press TV and most western mass media that the government used „African merceneries“ to crush the uprising. When human rights watch later send Peter Bouckaert to speak with black people arested by „rebels“ as mercenaries and investigate the claim, he found no evidence for the „rebels“ allegation, that the government used merceneries at all. Instead he found out, that all 156 captured black people captured by „rebels“ and presented to him as black mercenaries, were in fact regular Libyan soldiers coming from the south of Libya, were most people are black.
Especially in the cities of the jihadist hotbed in the northeast of Libya, Benghazi, Ajdabiya, Al Beida, Derna and Tobruk, – justifying it’s actions with the false black mercenary allegation – lynch mobs were hunting black people, arresting, mistreating and killing blck people in the most ugly ways with knives. As many people in wealthy Libya have mobile phones with cameras the crowds videotaped such crimes an uploaded videos to social media sites as signs of victory.
Here are some videos showing some of the murderous crimes and attrocities against black people committed by western and arabic backed islamist „rebels“ under the cheering of enraged islamic crowds in these days in the northeast of Libya.
Here is one uploaded February, 19th:
Here is one video posted on February, 23rd, showing „rebels“ who captured a black man in a workers dress:
Here is one more video showing what kind of racist crimes against black people the so called eastern Libyan „rebels for freedom an democrcy“ have committed – and it shows the cheering crowd as well.
Here is one more video showing a murderous crime of the racist lynch mob, which western and arab propaganda dubs „peaceful protesters“:
There are many more such videos of such horrific deliberate crimes of the „rebels“ – often racist murders commited against helpless black people which were already handcuffed. Every and each government has not only the right, but also the duty to stop such murderous lynch mobs – and the government should exercise the amount of force that is necessary to stop such lynch mobs.
Now let’s have a look what is allegdely crimes of Gaddafi against his own people. Here is a typical video taping of these alleged crimes:
We hear hat is alleged to be gutshots on young people protesting in the streets. Nobody knows if the gunshot soundtrack of the video is real or if it is fake. We see that the camera man is making hectic moves with his camera. It may be deliberately done to give the video more action. We see no one hurt. See the videos of mobs lynching black people above. Even if the shots are real they might be just warning shots. Knowing what horrific crimes lynch mobs of young people just committed publicly in the streets, firing warning shots could hardly be labeled as a disproportionate response to disperse a crowd of a racist lynch mob.
Now, let’s have a look of what is alleged to be proof a horrific crime of the government forces loyal to Muamar Gaddafi. See here two screenshots of a video, 1:06 min long, showing alleged crimes of Gaddafi loyalists.
Sekunde 15 von 1:06 min langem Video
Screenshot: Second 15 of a 1:06 min long Video
Look at this screenshot well and remember. See that between the three killed men in uniforms there is an empty place in the middle, bloody were a head may have been laying.
Sekunde 39 von 1:06 min langem Video
Screenshot: Second 39 of 1:06 min long Video
Look at this screenshot well, and remember, too. Ask yourself: what kind of weapon has been used to cause that kind of injury?
The video, posted on many video channels and titled for example „GRAPHIC Lybian Soldiers Executed – By Gaddafi’s Mercenaries – Libya – Smuggled Video“, was uploaded to Youtube on 23rd of February. The description of the video reads – at the Youtube channel SurvivalWithBushcraf:
Soldiers tied up and executed by Gaddafi mercenaries for refusing to kill protesters! Reuploaded from … WARNING Extremely graphic video smuggled to an Al Jazeera reporter across the border in Libya. This is evidence of crimes against humanity which the world should know about especially the West. The information given is that these are soldiers who refused to kill their own people so they were tied up and executed.
The video shows about 18 government soldiers and security forces, most of them with their hands handcuffed on the back brutally and bloodily slaughtered. The deads are shown close up and other people as the slaughtered are just seen in the last seconds. Comments below the video read like „Gaddafi is a devil they should burn him alive.“ Nobody questioned who were the devils who commited this crime. It was „Gaddafi mercenaries“ slaughtering security forces because they didn’t want to kill such peaceful freedom and democracy demonstrators as the participants of the islamic lynch mobs seen above. How did the world know? Because hundreds of anonymous social media sites like told it this way. Please note, that has removed the video embedding and that someone who said he is admin of Youtube channel WadiTR, created February 18, 2011, has given a comment, declaring that he is the „admin of the YouTube Page that posted this Video“. So the world was set up to believe, that Libya is the only dictatorship in the world, were the brutality of the dictatorship is not proven by massacred peaceful protesters, but proven by a video showing masscred government forces. Of course, that’s bullshit.
It can be proven. Other videos of this horrific crime scene do exist, too. See here a video, probably taped by a different person, which is 55 seconds long. Watch it well.
The video shows allegedly „rebels“, who found the soldiers, which were slaughtered by Gaddafis mercenaries because they refused to kill their fellow Libyan people. Have you noticed something? Here is a screenshot of second 10.
Sekunde 10 von 0:55 min langem Video
Screenshot: Second 10 of 0:55 min long Video
This white skinned guy is badly injured, but he moves his hand, so he is still alive. The guy is lying exactly at the place were in the 1:06 min long video is an empty space. Look at the screenshot. The guy still living is videotaped in close-up, but neither the camera man nor anybody else of these sympathic human rights and democracy rebels seems to help him. Didn’t they notice, that he he still alive?
More videos of this horrific crime scene do exist. See here a video, probably taped by a different person, which is 1:25 min long. Watch it well, too.
Have you seen? Look the screenshot of 1:18 min.
Minute 1:18 von 1:25 min langem Video
Screenshot: Minute 1:18 of 1:25 min long Video
Someone who – like all of the people present at the crime scene in this video as in the last video, you can hear men and at least one woman speaking with each other in the background – doesn’t want to come into the picture, gives the guy, who is still living, a bit water. Just the rest still in the bottle. But nothing more. Nobody cares trying to stop him bleeding. Nobody cares for him, fo example speaking with him to keep him awake until – maybe – an ambulance comes. Have you ever seen an accident on the street where people were injured? What kind of people would behave this way? It’s easy to say: murders behave in such a way. What we have seen here in these videos are the murders taping the fresh crimescene of their own crime to publish the video and blame this horrific crime on Gaddafi.
The guy who is still living is the same guy, who was lying at a different place and whose head was completely smashed in the 1:06 min long video. See the screenshot and compare. That means that the head of this guy was smashed after the „rebels“ taped the crimescene when he was still living. „Rebels“ smashed his head after the 0:55 min and the 1:25 min long videos were taped. You still don’t believe what you see?
So see this video, it shows some of the victims still alive – together with some of the people who overwhelmed them. The video was made in the night – as the victims didn’t redress in the meantime, probably shortly before their were killed. Watch closely:
Do you remember this guy? His pullover is very specific.
Minute 3:47 von 4:46 min langem Video
Now have a look of a weapon used by the people, who took the soldiers hostage before they were killed.
Minute 4:32 von 11:51 min langem Video
Screenshot: Minute 4:32 of 11:51 min long Video
The big black guy, who is among those later slaughered, is threatened with kind of a wooden club, an iron rod or a sword. Hard to say from the video what it is exactly, but such a weapon could probably cause such injuries as we have seen in the massacre of the captured soldiers.
Now look at those who took the soldiers hostage before they were slaughtered.
Minute 5:02 von 11:51 min langem Video
Screenshot: Minute 5:02 of 11:51 min long Video
The soldier in the front is one of those who is saughtered later. He is upset, and someone – probably a woman – is laying a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. In the background at the left the guy with the black woolen hat is clearly one of the captors.
Minute 5:04 von 11:51 min langem Video
Screenshot: Minute 5:04 of 11:51 min long Video
The guy with the white jacket is one of the captors. The person with the camera is clearly trying to avoid to tape him on video, but at one time he slipped into the picture. If you watch the video closely at these seconds where he appears, you can see, that he has got a long gun in his right hand. In the background we can see the window. It’s night and some people are in front of the window watching the crime scene.
Minute 5:28 von 11:51 min langem Video
Screenshot: Minute 5:28 of 11:51 min long Video
A very young man is shown who covers his face partly with a scarf so he will be a bit harder to recognize if the police will looking for him for taking soldiers hostage, who are killed later in a barbaric manner. He is one of the captors.
Minute 5:35 von 11:51 min langem Video
Screenshot: Minute 5:35 of 11:51 min long Video
This person remains a mystery so far. It’s just an arm. It’s probably the person who videotapes the hostage taking. As this screenshot was taken, a female hstage taker argues heavily with the big black guy, who is later among the dead. So, the person who took the video is most probably a woman. But she is never to be seen in the picture because it is her, who tapes the video.
That hostage taker people are clearly not Gaddafi special troops. These are rebels, taping thir own hostage taking crime. An later they tape the crimescene of the massacre, which they committed themselves. They published the videos of their own crimes and labeled them „Crimes of Gaddafi“.
This is interesting enough. What is even more interesting is that this pattern is to be seen in different places in Libya. Rebels murder people, soldiers and Gaddafi supporters, tape their crime, publish it on social media sites and label it „Crimes of Gaddafi“. Check your favorite search engine t find more such alleged Gaddafi crimes which are in fact rebel crimes. Think yourself: if it’s true somebody has organzied this uprising in this way, which is clearly a murderous and brutal campaign of the most racist and disgusting people around there.
Claims of international human rights organisations about the number of victims of the first days of the uprising in Libya differed grossly, from a view hundred to many thousands. None of the human rights organization made it transparent how they calculated number of victims. As Wikipedia notes, on February 24, the IFHR said that 130 soldiers had been executed in Benghazi and al-Baida, after they mutinied and sided with the protesters. After seeing the video proof above that „rebels“ murdered government soldiers and tried to blame their own crime on Gaddafi loyalists, one may have a guess, what the reality behind this statement his.
It was not completely unknown to the western media what really happened in Libya. If you read western papers carefully, it was possible to find sparks of truth between whole lot’s of unsubstantiated propaganda against the Libyan government. Just read these lines taken published in the Telegraph at February 23rd, 2011:
Ahmed Ahmed Ibrahim showed video footage he had captured on his mobile telephone of an African mercenary hanging from a meat-hook in an Al Bayda doorway. … Masquerarding as pro-Gaddafi partisans, they duped the mercenaries, who were described as French-speaking Africans, captured them and then dragged them into the streets of Al Bayda, Libya’s third largest city. Mr Ibrahim, who works in a cafe, said he believes most were executed although he only witnessed two slain foreigners.
By 26th of February a god deal of what happened in eastern Libya coud even be read in the Wikipedia article „Battle of Benghazi“:
During the 18th and 19th, there were major retaliatory attacks by the opposition forces against the mercenaries. 50 African mercenaries were executed by the protesters in al-Baida when they burned down the police station in which they locked them up. Additionaly, another 15 captured mercenaries were lynched in al-Baida, Benghazi and Derna. The bodies of some of them were put on display and caught on video.
Following the seconds attack on a funeral, opposition forces commandeered bulldozers and tried to breach the walls, often succumbing under heavy fire. As fighting continued, a mob attacked a local army base on the outskirts of Benghazi and forced the soldiers to give up their weapons, including three small tanks. Opposition members than rammed those tanks into the Katiba’s walls. Days later, the burned hulks of the armored vehicles could still be seen, stuck halfway into the breaches they made.
The fighting stopped in the morning of the 20th. Another 30 people were killed during the previous 24 hours of fighting. For a third time, a funeral procession was passing the compound. However, under the cover of the funeral, a suicide car-bomber attacked the compound’s gates blowing them up. Opposition fighters again attacked the base, this time reinforced with fighters from al-Baida and Derna. During this final attack by the opposition 42 people died. In the afternoon the Interior Minister Abdel-Fattah Younis showed up with a special forces squad called the „Thunderbolt“. His orders were to reliev the besieged barracks. However, Younis defected to the opposition and granted safe passage to Gaddafi’s loyalists out of the compound and out of the city.
On the forefront of propaganda lies against the Libyan government was the TV channel Al Jazeera based in the gulf dictatorship Qatar. In it’s propaganda efforts it closely collaborated with defectors from the Libyan government. Here is a piece from Al Jazeeras live blog on Libya of February 22, 2011:
11:26 am Ali al-Essawi, the resigned Libyan ambassador to India, has told Al Jazeera’s Prerna Suri that he is afraid to return to his country. He has confirmed the use of fighter aircraft on civilian protesters and said foreign mercenaries from what appear to be African countries are „massacring“ his people.
11:37 am Many eyewitness in Tripoli have reported extreme violence in the past 48 hours: Fighter jets bombarding and heavily armed mercenaries using high-caliber, perhaps even anti-aircraft guns on protesters. So far, though, almost no images or videos have emerged of the attacks. just posted what they say are a few pictures of Tripoli on Monday. Here’s one of a burned-out „Public Hall“
So, as we already explained above from human rights watch, the allegation of mercenaries in the service of the Llibyan government is completely false and was an ugly one for many black people in Libya as crowds went through the streets to hunt black people as „mercenaries“ lynching them sometimes on the spot. Both, Al Jazeera and Ali al-Essawi, the resigned Libyan ambassador to India, are guilty of spreading this murderous lie. But in this short piece of Al Jazeera propaganda there are more bold lies: the alleged use of fighter aircraft on civilian protesters. There was no proof at all for this allegation, it was just claimed by defectors and anonymous telephone callers, which Al Jazeera and BBC call „witnesses“. As the Russian military revealed on March 1st, the ymonitored the airspace over Libya closely via satellites, and they found out that such airstrikes did not happen. Interestingly, one can be sure, that NATO states also monitored the Libyan airspace closely, and they just were mute. They didn’t give any evidence for the claim, and they did neither say that it was a wrong claim made. The allegation, that the Libyan government used „high-caliber, perhaps even anti-aircraft guns on protesters“, is also totally unsubstantiated.
Undisputed fact is that the murderous „rebels“ in eastern Libya managed to get in control of large arms depots of the Libyan military and the border with Egypt, so that they could get all kinds of support via Egypt. Many „protestors“ were seen with heavy weapons after the uprising succeeded to get control over the eastern part of Libya.
So, what was the reaction of the Libyan government to this uprising? Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of revolution leader Muamar Gaddafi, went on TV, speaking freely without script, vowed for a peaceful solution of the conflict, offered to negotiate about all political and social demands, but vowed, for the case, that the armed rebels in control of eastern Libya were trying to wage war against the Libyan government in the rest of the country an to conquer towns other than the eastern towns under their control, a fight against the rebels up to the last bullet. The rebels declined any talks with the government as long as Muamar Gaddafi didn’t step down from his position as the leader of the Fatah revolution. The rebels vowed to take up their arms they plundered from military depots and wage war against the Libyan government which has their stronghold west of the rebels.
February 21st, 2011: Israeli president Shimon Peres happily announces that there will be a Libya without Gaddafi and calls it „irony of history“ that Libya leader recently expressed desire for a „Middle East without Israel.“
February 22nd, 2011: British foreign secretary William Hague announces, that Britain is to launch an air and sea bid to help evacuate its nationals from Libya. In the following ten days military ships and military aircraft from various NATO member states like UK, Italy and Germany violate the souverenity of Libyan territory, ostentatively to evacuate western citizens.
February 25th, 2011: 41 influental U.S. rightwingers, neocons and zionists, many of them where at the forefront of leading the U.S. to war against Iraq on the behalf of Israel in 2003, demand from Barack Obama to take take quick and decisive action against Muamar Gaddafi.
February 26th, 2011: The „international community“ reacts to the violent and now armed insurgency of the murderous mob of racists in Libya. Defected Libyan ambassadors the UN drafted a security council resolution 1970 with sanctions and financial frozes against Libya and additionally an order for criminal prosecution of Libyan government officials and Muamar Gaddafi and his family. Effectively this resolution was designed to cut of the Libyan government from money, to make it impossible for Libya to defend itself against warmongering countries by divesting from their markets and to lead the Libyan insurgency to victory. The resolution has olso forbidden to prevent any kind of arms and military assistance to Libya. This applied to both sides, the government and the anti government forces, but as anti government forces were confident that they would win their civil war against the Libyan government without any foreign interference, it seemed to them to be no problem for the forces of insurgency. As it were defected, but still not replaced, Libyan officials who demanded the adoption of the resolution and the punishment of Libya, on February 26th, the resolution was adopted with 15 to 0 votes. Wikipedia notes as background of this resolution:
During the 2011 uprising, Gaddafi’s loyalist forces carried out aerial bombings in Tripoli over civilian protesters, which drew widespread condemnation.
As we have already explained „aerial bombings in Tripoli over civilian protesters“ is just a flat propaganda lie, but as the Libyan UN diplomats had defected, Libya had no way to defend itself against the lies which the resolution is based upon. So, in effect, instead of condemning the shockingly racist and brutal killings of the so called rebels, the Libyan government was declared pariah and robbed of it resources, just because it tried to stop murderous mobs killing innocent people. Before the resolution, there were no UN fact finding efforts what happened in libya. Libya demanded a fact finding mission from Tripolis, but Western world powers denied this Libyan demand.
US president Barack Obama demands, that Muamar Gaddafi immediately has to flee his homeland Libya, said: „Gaddafi must leave Libya now“, as if the U.S. had any legitimacy to demand from the Libyan government handing over Libya to a bunch of murderous racists sponsored by the CIA. With that statement he made it clear to the public, that the U.S. goal for Libya is „regime change“.
February 27th, 2011: Muamar Gaddafi gave an interview to Serbian television station RTV Pink, calling the UN Security Council resolution „invalid in accordance with the United Nations Charter“ and that the resolution was based on the news reports rather than on actual state in Libya. He vowed to stay in Libya and said „foreigners and Al-Qaeda“ were responsible for the unrest.
February 28th, 2011: US foreign secretary Hillary Clinton declared that the U.S. was reaching out to the bunch of racist murderers in control of eastern Libya and was prepared to offer „any kind of assistance.“ The US Navy began openly to position several war ships near the coast of Libya. UK Prime Minister David Cameron proposed the idea of a „no-fly zone“, using as reason lies that the Libyan government needs to be stopped from airlifting mercenaries and using his military aeroplanes and armoured helicopters against civilians – but offered no proof that Libya ever did that.
While demanding on CNN that the U.S. should enforce a no fly zone and bomb government forces, Ali Aujali, Libyan ambassador to the U.S. until he defected on February 22nd, 2011, implicitely acknowledged that the U.S. and western powers encouraged the uprising in Libya: „They are — they are raising and encouraging people to raise against the dictatorship. And when the people raise, then they just look from distance and watching them. Then they put us in the middle of the fire, and then OK, we have to discuss with our allies. We have to go through the United Nations. This is not the case. Then please, if you can’t support us, don’t encourage us to raise against the dictatorship.“
March 1st, 2011: Venezuelan president offers to help finding a mediated peaceful solution between the Libyan government and the „opposition“ forces holding territory in estern Libya and some streets in western Libyan cities. Muamar Gaddafi agreed to a negotiated peaceful solution of conflict between government and opposition.
In a joint operation of psychological warfare against Muamar Gaddafi with the CIA, the Qatari media station Al Jazeera and the Israeli paper Yediot Aharonot planted the fake story, that the Libyan government ordered 50.000 „African mercenaries“ from Israel, with the intent to instigate anger among Libyan muslims against Muamar Gaddafi and notwithstanding the collateral damage of even more lynched black peope in Libya by islamist mobs.
In a US DoD news briefing US defense secretary Robert Gates said when questioned if he has any evidence or independent confirmation, and if so, to what extent, that the Libyan government actually has fired on his own people from the air, that he has seen the press reports, but he has no confirmation of that and Admiral Michael Mullen added that the US DoD has seen no confirmation for this allegation whatsoever.
March 2nd, 2011: US defense secretary Robert Gates gave himself unenthusiastic on a „no fly zone“ over Libya and told the US congress: „Let’s just call a spade a spade. A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy the air defenses.“
March 3rd, 2011: The United States, France and Libyan opposition figuresdismiss the Venezuelan proposal to mediate crisis and flatly reject any talks not leading to immediate „regime change“.
When Libyan security forces catched a military helicopter of NATO member state Netherlands which was sent secretly and in violation of Libyan souvereignity to Sirt – allegedly to evacuate two EU citizens, though there was no upising and no danger for foreign citizens in Sirt – it was discovered, that the Dutch military evacuation chopper was not unarmed, but had in fact a lot of weapons on board.
So it was not only a violation of Libyan souvereignity, but also a clear violation of UNSC resolution 1970, which is forbidding to bring arms to Libya. It was never cleared why the Dutch military chopper took so many weapons with it, and the capture of the chopper hinted to the possibility that NATO was covertly arming insurgents in Libya under the cover of evacuation missions. Though there was a Live Stream of the imam enraging the masses, there is no video of that hate mongering prayer available. Just a short Iranian Press TV report is there showing the imam preaching martyrdom. It shows also how Press TV spread the above decomposed lie of Libyan government forces being killed by government forces for not killing their own fellow countrymen.
March 4th, 2011: At Friday prayers in Benghazi clerics incited the masses of islamic believers to conquer western Libya in a „total war of islamic liberation“.
Masses of armed believers stormed west, conquered the oil raffinery of Ras Lanuf. After conquering the oil towns of Brega and Ras Lanuf, the bunch of racists bunch of so called „rebels“ harrassed workers, especially black ones. As the armed crowds arrived to Breage and Ras Lanuf Libyan government troops retreated, so that they did not need to fire into the armed crowds and there was no bloody combat while the fighters had many young combat tourists between them.
A British SAS/MI6 special forces team was captured by rebels in eastern Libya. The British commando team was secretely flown in the night by helicopter into remote sparsely populated lands dozens of kilometres away from Benghazi. The British commando team was armed with guns and had explosives as well as false passworts from various nations with them. After British defense secretary Liam Fox pubicly confirmed, that the captured commando team was indeed British, and stated they were just junior diplomats „looking for a hotel“ to find for a senior diplomat yet to follow, the commando team was released on March 7th and taken out of Libya on a British war supply ship, that had docked in Benghazi without the permission of the Libyan government. As they left Libya, they reportly gave their weapons, satellite communication and computer equipment along with secret codes to access worldwide British military networks to insurgents. The British forces were operating in Libya in clear violation of the military embargo of UNSC resolution 1970. Later it was reported, that „scores“ of British commando teams were already secretly operating in Libya to mark Libya sites to be bombed by forces of NATO states later.
Israel firster Bernard-Henri Lévy held a private meeting with former Libyan justice secretary turned rebel leader Moustapha Abdeljalil in Benghazi and pledged to support him bringing down Israel’s long time thorn in the eye Muamar Gaddafi. On the very same evening he phoned his friend, the zionistFrench president with close CIA relations, Nicolas Sarkozy, and got his agreement to receive the NTC leaders.
March 6th, 2011: The armed islamic racists dubbing themselves „revolutionaries“ moved from Ras Lanuf further to conquer western Libya. When they came of few dozen kilometers to the west, residents of the hamlet of Ben Jawad opened fire on the „rebels“ and with the help of the Libyan army they pushed them back to the oil town of Ras Lanuf. One of the islamist bunches of self dubbed freedom fighters complained to the media that the residents of Ben Jawad were guilty of treachery. CNN reporter Ben Wedemann said he left Ras Lanuf, last not least because many of the so-called „rebels“ had smoken hashish and there were „stoned adolescents armed to the teeth stumbling around the halls at night“.
In the following days, government forces regained control of the oil installations in Ras Lanuf and Brega, mainly by the method of spooking the „rebels“ with bombs and grenades thrown in the desert next to the rebel crowd. As „rebels“ were spooked into full retreat back to Benghazi and were endangered of being brought to justice for their slaughtering soldiers and black people US president Barack Obama reportedly authorized „covert operations by the CIA“ to support the rebels.
March 7th, 2011: French state news agency AFP reports, that Britain and France could put a resolution to the UN Security Council this week demanding a no-fly zone over Libya.
March 8th, 2011: The totalitarian monarchies of the Gulf Cooperation Councilback the plan of a no fly zone against their long time foe Muamar Gaddafi, who dared to publicly mock them as dictatorships in the years before.
March 9th, 2011: „Rebel spokesman“ Mustafa Gheriani says, despite the UN arms embargo he doesn’t see getting arms as an issue, because „Qatar and many other countries have offered to help“
March 10th, 2011: US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper contradicted the western and arab media hype of winning „rebels“ and told the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, that the Libyan government would likely defeat the insurgents.
The Obama administration declared, that any potential military action against Libya „would need to respond to a demonstrable need“, „have a sound legal basis“ and „active regional participation“ from the Arab League and African nations. “Not just rhetorical support but actual participation, which we think is absolutely critical for a variety of reasons,” Obamas National Security Advisor Tom Donilon told reporters.
The Peace and Security Council of the African Union met in Addis Abeba and released a declaration on the situation in Libya for the United Nations Security Council and other concerned AU partners, where it reaffirmed „its rejection of any foreign military intervention, whatever its form.“
After Nicolas Sarkozy met with rebel leaders in Paris on recommendation of Israel firster Bernard-Henri Lévy, he promised airstrikes against Libyan military airports and France declared, that it recognized the rebels self-appointed National Transitional Council as legitimate government of Libya and planned to exchange ambassadors with this body, creating a possible pretext for a unilateral French war of aggression against Libya in hep of the „rebel government“ similar to what the US intended to do with the Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba 1961.
March 11th, 2011: Seeking again a peaceful solution to conflict the Libyan government offered an amnesty to all insurgents who lay down their weapons. US president Barack Obama states, that the US is „slowly tightening the noose on Gadhafi“, using a wording, that reminds more of cowboys hanging an adversary than words of a head of a states.
March 12th, 2011: The Arab League met to decide on it’s support of a „no fly zone“ over Libya. Libya was excluded from the meeting. From 22 member states of the Arab League, 11 participated in the meeting. The decision takenby this Arab League meeting was, that the Arab League supported a UN security council call for a no fly zone over Libya, but rejected any military intervention in LibyaAsked how it would be possible to avoid „military action“ while imposing a no-fly zone, Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary-general, replied by saying that it could be implemented through jamming Libyan military signals, and Youssef Bin Alawi Abdullah, the Omani foreign minister, added that if foreign military intervention is to take place at any point then it will be discussed further by the Arab League and a reaction should be expected. Since Syria and Algeria were strictly against any military intervention in Libya and decisions in the Arab League are taken only by unique votes, the Arab League never took any decision to allow any foreign military attack against Libya.
Western governments and media hailed the support of the Arab League for a no fly zone over Libya and deliberately kept quiet about the fact, that the Arab League’s decision also excluded any military intervention in Libya.
March 14th, 2011: CIA commander Khalifa Haftar came from Virginia in the USA to eastern Libya to command the bunch of hash smoking islamic racists who dub themselves „rebels“.
March 15th, 2011: As the armed hash smoking crowds ran away, Libyan government forces had little problems to regain control of the desert oil installations in Ras Lanuf and Brega. By March, 15th, Libyan government forces were heading to the strategic town of Ajdabiya, from which quick roads lead to Benghazi in the north and Tobruk in the east. A quick end of the armed insurrection was in sight.
The same influental U.S. zionists club of warmongers, who already wrote a letter to urge Obama to take action against Muamar Gaddafi on February 25,now urge Barack Obama to take more action against Libya, given the situation, it’s clear that they demand war against Libya.
March 17th, 2011: Though rebels used heavy weapons like tanks, artillery and a helicopter Libyan government forces quickly regained control over the town of Ajdabiya in eastern Libya, because their was just a small group of armed people fighting against the government, but their was no popular resistance against the governemnt forces.. The Libyan government said, it could reach Benghazi within one day, restore order there and will then go mercilessly from house to house and from door to bring those racists to justice, who slaughtered innocent people. The stooges of the CIA and MI6 went on the run and the murderous „rebel“ regime of Benghazi was in the verge of collapse. End of death and descrution was close and the truth about to come to light.
But France, Britain and U.S. didn’t want to let Libya go without getting in control of the Libyan oil. The UN security council voted ith ten votes in favour and five abstentions for UN security council resolution 1973, which was sponsored by Lebanon, France, Britain und the USA. This resolution authorized any member state of the UN to „take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory“ and a „no fly zone“. This resolution meant in effect, that each country in the world was allowed to attack Libya militarily whoever it liked as long as it informed the UN secretary general after the attack and declared, that the attack had the intention to rotect civilians. The resolution stated that „widespread and systematic attacks currently taking place in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya against the civilian population may amount to crimes against humanity“ and „gross and systematic violation of human rights, including arbitrary detentions, enforced disappearances, torture and summary executions“.
Though the resolution 1973 was the equivalent of a declaration of war of the UN against Libya there was offered no proof for the judgements of the Security Council members at all. The Indian ambassador to the UN, Manjeev Singh Puri, „explaining his abstention, expressed great concern over the welfare of the population of Libya and supported the appointment of the Secretary-General’s Envoy“, and declared: „The report of that Envoy and that of others had not yet been received. As a consequence, today’s resolution was based on very little clear information, including a lack of certainty regarding who was going to enforce the measures. There must be certainty that negative outcomes were not likely before such wide-ranging measures were adopted.“ A few days later, Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin said in a remark giving his private opinion although as prime minister foreign policy is not his job any more, slammed the UN resolution on Libya as „medieval call to crusade“ and called it „defective and flawed“.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton later justified the UNSC resolutions and the US-led war of aggresion against Libya with the long-debunked bold lies like the ones that the Libyan government used jet fighters to bomb the civilian population:
March 18th, 2011: According to a report in the Wall Street Journal Egypt’s military is supplying arms to Libyan rebels with the US government’s full knowledge. Though there exists a UNSC weapons embargo on all Libya rebels have lot’s of western weapons, ammunition and other military equipment, which the Libyan government never had. See a video from 5th April analyzing the weaponry and military advisers of the rebels as they can be seen in press fotos:
The warmongers from the US, France and Britain detected, that they have except some lip service very few no regional support for their war against Libya, except from NATO member states and the far aay arab gulf dictatorship Qatar. All neighbor states of Libya declared that they won’t take part in the war against Libya.
March 19th, 2011: French fighter planes attack Libyan government soldiers, supporters and vehicles between Ajdabiya and Benghazi, commiting a massacre killing dozens of innocent people. France justified the war action against Libyan government supporters with the lie, that the government supporters wanted to commit a massacre in Benghazi. The US launchesmore than 100 heavy Tomahawk cruise missiles against various towns in Libya, killing many people they were claiming to protect, destroying Libyan military intsallations and especially „communication hubs“, appearantly to make the Libyan government and state TV silent so that there own lies could not be exposed, and killing scores of people. Britains attacked Libya with two Tomahawks, so that Obama could say, his war against Libya as an international effort.
March 20th, 2011 and following days: In the name of UNSC 1973 sanctioned „protecting civilians“ the US and other NATO countries continued heavy bombing of all government controlled Libya from jet fighters, dropping many heavy depleted uranium bombs poisoning large areas of Libya and human genes of large parts the Libyan population for generations. Though Barack Obama claimed before the attack, that active regional participation was neccessary to wage war against Libya, he could not find a single non NATO member country which was willing to participate in this crime. Even the US sponsored dictatorships on the Arabian peninsula, whose leaders hate Gaddafi for mocking them, feared bad repercussions among their populations and hesitated.
March 26th, 2011: Under the pretext of „protecting civilians“ NATO air planesheyvily bombed dozens of Libyan government supporters in and near the city of Ajdabiya, so that the way free for their lackeys on the ground to conquer the city of Ajdabiya and slaughter black people there. „Rebel“ loyalists bury those who were killed in these devastating NATO airstrikes in a bulldozer created mass grave. It’s easy to underrstand, that these dead are not rebels, because „rebel“ deads are considered martyrs and don’t go into a mass grave, but get a hero’s burying. „Rebel“ propagandists use the pictures of the victims anyway in their usual way to fabricate anti gaddafi propaganda. But while „rebel“ propaganist „LibyaAlhurraTV“ presents the pictures of the massacred governments loyalists on Flickr as „Freedom Fighters and civilians killed by Gaddafi forces in Ajdabiya, Libya 26 March 2011“ „rebel“ propagandist „QuatchiCanada“ presents exactly the same pictures on Youtube under the title „Gaddafi’s War Crimes in Ajdabiya, Libya. March 26, 2011″ as „Ajdabiya, Libya, March 26, 2011 – Soldiers killed for refusing to fire at civilians“ and called to „send your evidence“ for Gaddafi’s crimes to the ICC.
Screenshot: Victims of Ajdabiya NATO massacre presented by QuatchiCanada intro
Screenshot: Victims of Ajdabiya NATO massacre presented by QuatchiCanada intro
Screenshot: Victims of Ajdabiya NATO massacre presented by QuatchiCanada picture
Screenshot: Victims of Ajdabiya NATO massacre presented by QuatchiCanada picture
Screenshot: Victims of Ajdabiya NATO massacre presented by LibyaAlhurraTV
Screenshot: Victims of Ajdabiya NATO massacre presented by LibyaAlhurraTV
Do you understand the pattern of the „rebels’“ propaganda? Because there is no real Gaddafi crime, the opposition uses everything hat they can find, whatever crime happens, as fake „proof“ for alleged „Gaddafi crimes“. It doesn’t matter how absurd the allegation is, the mass of fake allegations shall substitute substance.
After the NATO’s bomb massacre against the government loyalists in Ajdabiya, Libyan government forces retreated under heavy NATO bombardement hundredds of kilometers to the west, effectively abandoning protection the oil installations of Brega and Ras Lanuf and left it to the „rebels“.
March 28th, 2011: While „close air support“ from NATO bombers – given under the pretext of protecting civilians – helped the CIA led „rebels“ to conquer oil installations west of Ajdabiya US president Barack Obama gave a first major speech on TV regarding his war against Libya, and it was full of cynical lies and malicious deceit.
The US sponsored feudal dictatorship of Qatar gets it’s share of the booty. After the CIA led „rebels“ gave Qatar a contract to „market“ the rebel controlled oil, Qatar announced that it recognizes the self-appointed rebel council as the legal government of Libya. But already at the next day the robbery deal suffered a major setback.
March 29th, 2011: Muamar Gaddafi still called for a ceasefire. But the CIA led „rebels“ were not happy with just „liberating“ the oil installations west of Ajdabiya. They went further west to conquer all Libya. But already in the next village to the west, in Ben Jawad, residents of the village shot at them and chased the NATO backed „revolutionaries“ back all way down to Brega. CNN reporter Arwa Damon tweeted: „opposition fighters beat hasty retreat from town approx 100km from Sirt, say driven out by residents armed by gadhafi #libya.“ Though it was evident, that the CIA led rebellion couldn’t succeed, because the population in government held territories had been armed and NATO’s stooges didn’t lack weaponry or training, but popular support, the US led war coalition still didn’t agree to a ceasefire, but insisted on bringing their stooges to power by the way of a long lasting war.
April 1st, 2011 and following days: NATO gets desperate to conquer the booty. While the UN security council resolution 1973 allows foreign powers to use their military might to protect civilians, NATO did the opposite. NATObombed civilians to pave their CIA led stooges the way to conquer the oil installation of Brega. Besides dropping bombs from jets flying at high altitude the US also used A-10 Thunderbolt planes to provide their stooges on the ground close air support for their attack on Brega. So not even two weeks after the scandalous UNSC resolution 1973 was decided, the US had openly converted the mandate to use military force to „protect civilians“ into a mandate to conquer oil by the way of engaging in a fascist war of aggression.
April 7th, 2011: RIA Novosti reported that Algerian El Khabar newspaper quoted Algerian military sources as saying French unmanned aerial vehicles and warplanes had been searching for several days for a group of Special Forces soldiers lost in south-western Libya.
April 8th, 2011: Though the CIA led rebels got „close air support“ from scores of NATO war planes, training by US and Egypt special forces and lot’s ofmuch better weapons than the Libyan government forces ever had – like heat seeking Katyashas -, the CIA led rebels’ attack on the oil town Brega was beaten back again.
A new very old fashioned psyop is launched against Libya by UNICEF. It looks pretty much like a 2nd edition of premature babies thrown out of incubators by a bad dictator’s troops. UNICEF spokeswoman Marixie Mercado claimed UNICEF has – based on unnamed local sources – „reliable and consistent reports of children being among the people targeted by snipers in Misrata.“ But when asked for details she was „unable to say how many children have been wounded or killed in this way.“ Compare this with the report of MSF nurse Alison Criado-Perez on her medevac trip to Misrata a few days before where she mentioned exactly two badly injured children: „a boy, a child of 13, with horrific burns to his face from the explosion of a petrol bomb“ and „another young boy, only 16, who fell from a fleeing pick-up and has sustained severe head injuries.“ You may notice that these injuries sound very different from what UNICEF claims as children targeted with direct fire.
The US propaganda outlet AP described in a rare glimpse of unintended truth the real reason, why the CIA led rebels lose the battles despite strong support of the strongest military force in the world, with the three simple words: „Rebels remain outnumbered.“ The spin doctors of AP didn’t even notice, what their complain really means, that their bunch of CIA stooges, whom the US-led propaganda machine describes as a „popular revolution of the masses“ against an alleged „dictator“, „remain outnumbered.“ That nonwithstanding, U.S. Army General Carter Ham revealed, that US rulers think about the possibility to invade Libya with ground troops to overcome the obstacle of being outnumbered and enforce the planned regime change in the name of the revolutionary masses.
April 10th, 2011: Muamar Gaddafi and the Libyan government have accepted an African Union peace plan to end the fighting in Libya.
April 11th, 2011: While NATO bombs kill scores of government loyalists, many of them not in tanks, but in common sedans, rebel troops on the ground encouraged by NATO spurn the African Union cease-fire plan, vow for war until the desired NATO goal of regime change is reached. US foreign secretary Hillary Clinton repeats the regime change goal again, says the US „insists“ on Muamar Gaddafi leaving his Libyan homeland.
What are the murderous racists seen kiling black people doing right now? What are the murderers, which slaughtered the Libyan soldiers and videotaped their own crimescene for propaganda purposes, doing right now? There are a lot more horrific snuff videos created by Salafi Saudi connected „rebels“ for the propaganda pupose of blaming crimes on Gaddafi to be debunked. The rebel death squads continue their murderous false flag tour. The US yellow paper „USA today“ reports: „bound and bullet-riddled bodies of three Libyan rebels were found Sunday dumped near a rebel checkpoint east of Ajdabiya“. The key phrase here is „dumped near a rebel checkpoint“. Who is operating near rebel checkpoints? Rebels. Though torturing and murdering bound people is pretty much the pattern – see above – of some of so called rebels, and there was no hint that government forces id such things, it is claimed that this is proof for war crimes of government troops to be prosecuted at the ICC.
April 13th, 2011: General Manfred Lange, chief of staff in NATO headquarter,publicly stated, that NATO is planning the use of ground troops in Libya.
To be continued while the war against Libya continues and to expose more details of this giant crime.
Here are some questions you may try to answer yourself in the meantime: What role plays the ICC in this giant crime? What role play some ostentatively left opinion makers in western countries? Which countries didn’t like Muamar Gaddafis reasonable proposal to reorganzie the UN security council in a more just way? Elites in which countries see gains for themself when NATO gots stuck in another senseless war?
Facts about Libyan finances: Libya has proven oil reserves of 50 bln barrels which have at the current price of 100 USD per barrel a value of roughly 5.000 bln USD. As Libyan oil is very cheap to lift and close to markets, exploration of these Libyan oil reserves brings very large profits. Next to oil Libya has very interesting water resources. Before the war the Libyan state had many savings both in the country and abroad, but very few debts. Libyan investmnt strategy abroad had a clear focus on investing in Africa. So Libya is one of the most lucrative targets to rob it out.
Facts on Libyan foreign policy: Since decades the foreign policy of Libya is focused on African liberation from colonialism and imperialism and building up African unity against neocolonial forces. Libya shared resources and wealth with the people of other African countries. In neighboring countries to the south of Libya, like Chad, Mali and Mauritania, many people view Libyan revolution leader Muarmar Gaddafi as a hero of African liberation and many acitivists in the black communities abroad do so, too. Neocolonial aspirations of France to plunder Africa are disturbed by Libyan activities to unite Africa against colonialism. The United States of America and the British Kingdom are disturbed by Libya in their imperial aspirations in Africa as well and have a long history of proven operations of failed murderous regime change operations in Libya. Libya is solidaric with the Palestinian aspirations of liberation and therefore a thorn in the eye of Israel. In the past Libyan revolution leader Muamar Gaddafi publicly disputed the legitimacy of the islamic monarchs of the GCC dictatorships. He publicly mocked them along with their corrupt clerics and therefore the radical muslim movements hate him. Iran hates Muamar Gaddafi for mocking strict Islam as well as their Lebanese islamic clients do. Though Libya made in the recent years painful steps to get better foreign relations to the imperialistic NATO countries, it has also maintained friendly relations with Russia and China, but Libya was still not a client regime of the imperialists, but a souvereign power. Libya maintained the indepence which it gained 1969 by the Nasserist Fatah revolution against the imperial islamic client monarchy of the Sanussis.
Facts on Libyan history: The state of Libya is a product of colonialism. It was created by imperialist powers after world war II, when British imperialists set up an islamic monarchy to rule their poor tribal desert provinces of Tripolitana, Cyrenaica and Fezzan as a client state of NATOs empire. The US military was given a large millitary base in Libya after that client regime was established. When the Fatah revolution overthrew the islamic client regime of the NATO imperialists in 1969, with the exception of the Libyan army there was no Libyan national institutions. Shortly before oil was discovered in Libya and the oil was to be given by the islamic King to be plundered by imperialists for nothing. Libya had no industry and no working class. The dominating Libyan political affiliation was tribal loyalty. Therefore Libya lacked the basis for a western democrcy model, where the parties of the working class fight in national elections against the paties of the countries business elites. Libya consisted of poor nomade tribes. The Libyan system of justice was nothing else than tribal killings and revenge killings interrupted by peace councils between the tribes. The organisation of the political system of Libya in local councils and building the national council from representatives of the local councils reflects the still strong tribal affiliations in Libya.
Facts on Libyan interior politics: Libya is by far the most wealthiest and socially developed country of Africa. The wealth of oil is relatively well distributed among all parts of Libya. Libya has successfully fought against the plague of illiteracy and has one of the best state financed health systems in the world. Power was also shared between regions by the way of having different ministries in different regions. Libyan regions are highly autonomous in their regional decisions. The central government is very responsive to the social demands of the people, the tribes and the different regions. Whereever there were complaints on shortcomings, lots of oil money was thrown out to fix the problems. So, when recently the complain was made about housing shortcomings in Eastern Libya, appartments for 200 bln Dollars were to be created, to be given away to the people accompanied with credits without securities and very low rates. Before that there were compaints that islamic people were imprisoned on political reasons and so they were released when they renounced violence. And when people complained on abuses of human rights, monitoring bodies were set up to investigate the complaints, distinguish between propaganda and real grievances and to go after violaters and punish them. Though efforts to builld a national Libyan identity, tribal affiliations still matters. One important campaign was led by Muamar Gaddafi and was designed to fight wide spread racism against black people. About 20% of Libyan population are black and most of them originate in the tribal Tuareg regions of southern Libya which never saw the desert borders of their homelands imposed to them by colonialist powers decades ago as something legitimate. Due to his campaign fighting racism against blacks almost all of the black Libyan people in the south are very loyal to Muamar Gaddafi and many black people of the poor south serve in the Libyan security forces to earn money for a better their living. Due to the fact, that he has besides the loyalty of his own tribe the loyalty of black people on his side, Muamar Gaddafi is by far the most powerful tribal leader in a Libyan society still consisting basically of many relatively small tribes.
Facts on Libyan defense politics: Libyan defense doctrine is based on the assumption that a country with an armed people is hard to conquer. Costs of an attack against an armed people easily outweigh the possible benefits – even if the population is just six million people. Next to small arms like Kalashnikovs the weaponry consists mostly of rather old and conventional artillery which is good for conventional ground and guerilla warfare. To thwart the danger of possible coup attempts, the military is highly compartmented in various units led by sons of Muamar Gaddafi. Libya spent in recent years rather a rather few money of it’s oil wealth on the purchase of weaponry. Airforce, air defense and navy has nomically numerous pieces, but most of them are quite old and ineffective against attacks with modern NATO weapons. When Libya was threatened next to Iraq with a war of aggression by the Bush administration, it abandoned more sophisticated military programs like long range missilles and the production or purchase of weapons of mass destruction. Instead of deterrence Libya submitted to collaboration with imperialist powers in the so-called fight against terror, bought in western companies and followed world bank orders to make it’s economy more open to foreign investors, so that attempt to build up a climate an imperial aggression could be countered with economic measures against the specific warmongering imperialist power. Libya did invest in measures to counter information warfare on a national level by hardening information structures needed to inform the Libyan public on the stance of the Libyan government, but – unlike Qatar, Iran, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and many more – Libya did not invest in a large media presence on the international stage, which might be seen as a threatening messianic propaganda effort by rulers of other countries.