lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

Los Lemas de Al-Qaeda (Al-Qaeda taglines)

The excavator

Al-Qaeda: The best enemy, and friend, that the petrodollar can buy.

Al-Qaeda: The gift that keeps on giving. . .if you're a foreign policy psychopath working in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv.

Al-Qaeda: Trusted. Reliable. Use for whatever purpose, for whatever occasion.

Al-Qaeda: You're enemy today, you're friend tomorrow.

Al-Qaeda: Name the country, say the deed, and give the directions.

Al-Qaeda: Don't ask too many questions.

Al-Qaeda: Made in America. Some parts assembled in Israel.

Al-Qaeda: Bin Laden was the tip of the iceberg. America was the Titanic. The CIA was the captain.

Al-Qaeda: Uncle Sam's stepchild.

Al-Qaeda: We only exist in your mind.

Al-Qaeda: Shhhh. . .

Al-Qaeda: The decentralized wing of the CIA.

Al-Qaeda: Money doesn't talk. The CIA talks and money listens. We follow along as best we can.

Al-Qaeda: We do the empire's shadow work.

Al-Qaeda: Fear us, or China. Or both. Whatever.

Al-Qaeda: Don't blame us, we are only the database.

Al-Qaeda: Say hello to the bad guys.

Al-Qaeda: Insert demonic Arabic face here.

Al-Qaeda: The dream had to end one day.

Al-Qaeda: Check your mind at the door.

Al-Qaeda: War doesn't come home. It is invited.

Al-Qaeda: We invoke the worst of your imagination.

Al-Qaeda: We are America's kick in the butt, delivered by Uncle Sam's boot.

Al-Qaeda: Look us up in the yellow pages under C in Virgina.

Al-Qaeda: Terror is being televised.

Al-Qaeda: We came. We saw. We lied.

Al-Qaeda: We are the cloak. The CIA and Mossad are the dagger.

Al-Qaeda: Enter. Turn the key. Floor level: hell.

Al-Qaeda: Hate us. Fear us.

Al-Qaeda: Hear that? That's the sound of your future being flushed down the toilet.

Al-Qaeda: The CIA's Advocate.

Al-Qaeda: Long Live The CIA-Mossad-MI6. Long Live Terror.

Al-Qaeda: The craziest story ever believed by man.

Al-Qaeda: An empire without an enemy is an empire in decline.

Al-Qaeda: A Hollywood production.

Al-Qaeda: Blame Bush.

Al-Qaeda: A Comedy Tale In One Act.

Al-Qaeda: The Greatest Monster Since Hitler.

Al-Qaeda: We also come in an Iranian edition.

Al-Qaeda: Show Business Meets War Business.

Al-Qaeda: Thank God We're Only Arabs And Not Aliens.

Al-Qaeda: Real Life Is A Movie. Your Mind Is The Theatre. The Devil Is The Director.

Al-Qaeda: We Didn't Start The Fire.

Al-Qaeda: Spoiler alert: The murderer is the detective.

Al-Qaeda: Terror gets a new lifeline.

Al-Qaeda: Standard Operating Procedure.

Al-Qaeda: Satan's Greatest Creation Gets An Extreme Makeover This Fall.

Al-Qaeda: When The Sky Falls And The Grave Opens Up, Run . .

Al-Qaeda: The Empire Has Found Its Match. All That Is Left Is A Spark.

Al-Qaeda: The Headlines Tell All The Story.

Al-Qaeda: Terror Is Not Born. Terror Is Made.

Al-Qaeda: In A World Where The Mind of The State Makes Up Reality, Life Becomes A Shadow of Itself.

Al-Qaeda: America Is A Disease. Terror Is The Cure.

Al-Qaeda: Winning A War That Isn't Real = Double Winning.

Al-Qaeda: Three Buildings, Two Planes, One Cover Story.

Al-Qaeda: Fate Has A New Date. And She Doesn't Like To Be Stood Up.

Al-Qaeda: Can You Risk It All?

Al-Qaeda: Terror wears a suit and tie.

Al-Qaeda: It Was A Bright Morning On A September Day When Darkness Fell And Parted The Living From The Dead.

Al-Qaeda: Money Can't Buy You Happiness, But It Can Buy You Fear.

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